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What is the Piscataquis Public Health Coalition?

The Piscataquis Public Health Coalition (PPHC) is a local Healthy Maine Partnership that works with communities in the Piscataquis region to provide education and health promotion through:

PPHC engages and partners with local business organizations, schools, and individuals who are committed to the development of healthy living in their communities.

What Do We Do?
PPHC Building

Piscataquis Public Health Coalition offers public health related services for the people of Piscataquis County. We as an organization try to improve lives and strengthen the region by:

Our Mission

The Piscataquis Public Health Coalition is a comprehensive community coalition that strives to develop an environment that supports a healthy lifestyle through education, prevention and advocacy.

Our Values

As an organization we understand that we work for and are accountable to the public. We support personal and professional development through the advancement of knowledge and experience, and use a team oriented approach to best serve our clients. As an organization we strive for excellence and demonstrate our values everyday to each client and the community. Values we apply in the workplace and with our clients are:

Goals for the Organization

Healthy Maine Partnership